Not content with announcing new details for Rainbow Six: Siege, Trials Fusion, South Park and more, Ubisoft also dropped numerous details regarding a new IP; one focused with mixing skill, strategy and teamplay. That’ll be For Honor then!

Currently in development for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, For Honor drops gamers into the chaos of a raging battlefield during an ongoing war between three Great Factions. Whether you chose to fight as the bold Knights (the Legions), the brutal Vikings (the Warborn) or the enigmatic Samurai (the Chosen), for every battle, players will be able to choose which warrior they want to embody amongst the unique Heroes from this pantheon, using their distinct skills and weapons to fight for land, people and honor, decimating all soldiers, archers and opposing Heroes who stand in their way.

Including a thrilling mulitplayer mode and a full on single player campaign, you’ll be able to conquer foes either alone, or with friends. Mixing the skill and ruthlessness of a shooter with the quick, heat of the battle decision making of team-based tactical games, you’ll need to be on your guard throughout.

The Art of Battle, Sanctuary’s innovative control scheme, gives players total command of their weapons by creating a direct connection between the input on the controller and the moves performed on screen. Players choose precisely where to block, where to attack and how to adapt their approach to each battle in real time.

“Our vision with For Honor is to create a game that ignites the same emotions that a warrior would feel on a real battlefield. The tension of face-to-face encounters with deadly enemies, the adrenaline of charging alongside your army against the opposition, and the danger of a chaotic battle when you don’t know where the next strike will come from,” said Jason Vandenberghe, Creative Director, Ubisoft. “It’s a game that celebrates the art of sword-fighting and the legacy of the legendary warriors from those great legacies, the Knights, the Vikings and the Samurai that we brought together in one single experience.”

For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_CatapultStrike_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397082 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_FightAtTheGate_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397086 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_LegionsAtWar_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397088 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_Lions_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397091 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_OvercastSamuraiBadOdds_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397094 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_ReinforcementPoint_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397097 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_SamuraisAttackWarden_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397100 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_SamuraiTriumph_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397101 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_WardenInToTheFray_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397104 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_WatchfulVikingOvercast_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397106





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