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We’ve already been promised that Youtubers Life 2 will take what was provided in the original franchise opening title, and then push things to the utter limit, allowing players the chance to take in an extensive range of activities in their quest to become the ultimate Youtube star. But with the first gameplay reveal trailer for the game, we finally get the opportunity to understand exactly how large that scale is.

The first play reveal for Youtubers Life 2 blows open the gameplay which will be present in the game when it releases on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC later this year, with the customisation and exploration at the heart of ‘NewTube City’ the focus.

Coming via the Raiser Games and UPLAY Online teams, Youtubers Life 2 promises to be the ultimate life sim with the 8-minute long video taking us through everything from the game’s extensive customisation options – from character creation through to decking out their bedroom – through to the activities that will eventually populate your new home, NewTube City.

The video also showcases how a content creator’s meat and drink – the actual videos they put out into the world like ours here at TheXboxHub – are put together in play.

The video features include:

  • A look at the extensive character creation tool, which allows players to look however they want and be whoever they want to be, all options open
  • An eye on the decoration options that allow you to completely customise your pad
  • A look at the city that’ll serve as your base in Youtubers Life 2, as well as your connection to the hot new trends perfect for compelling content
  • The shops and entertainment spots you can visit, and the wealth of NPCs you can interact with to shape your story
  • The process of making content that’ll turn you into a YouTube superstar
  • A look at your cute and customisable drone, who follows your progress recording videos for your content as you go
  • The Youtubers Life 2 rankings system, tracking your rise

This is just the first look at gameplay with those behind it promising more glimpses as we move ahead. Of course, there’s also a secondary trailer which for the first time revealed NewTube City – a living breathing city, where different opportunities arise everyday, and it serves both as a playground for fun activities and a base for triggering content creation.

We’ve got high hopes for Youtubers Life 2, particularly after the original OMG Edition of the game surprised us a little with what it was able to deliver. Give that trailer a watch and then let us know your thoughts – the comments are below.

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1 year ago

It seems to be a great game ! I want to test it !