Wildcat Gun Machine Xbox

Just announced – and with a playable demo on Steam arriving on 1st October – is a clawsome looking bullet hell spliced together with out furry feline friends: Wildcat Gun Machine is the gun-touting shooter/cat hybrid you never knew you needed coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in late 2021.

The latest announcement from the publishing team at Daedelic Entertainment – the team responsible for Deponia, The Long Journey Home and the upcoming Gollum game –  a bullet hell with added furballs. Armed with over 40 types of guns to purr-use over, delve into the dungeons and defeat wave upon wave of fur-midable fleshy beasts in all shapes and sizes.

Each level has been hand/paw crafted for maximum challenge and balanced gameplay. There is no randomisation in Wildcat Gun Machine, just solid gunplay, gameplay, and cats. Though the trailer comes with a real-life cat, we can safely assume that no real cats will be sent down your pipeline when it comes to downloading the game in late 2021:

Wildcat Gun Machine will also have huge boss fights, skill upgrades to suit your playstyle and at certain points, you can even be the gun. Strap yourself into a huge hulking mech and swat away the thousands of enemies you will face and smile away like the cat who’s got the cream.

Like cats? Like bullet hells? Like dungeon crawling? If the answer to even one of these is yes then you will be pleased to know that Wildcat Gun Machine will have a demo on Steam starting on 1st October, and you can add it to your wishlist right now here.

And as the press release reminds you, “Remember, the only thing cats like more than chasing a laser dot, is putting it between the eyes of their enemies.” Wise words indeed.

Whilst there isn’t a demo for consoles, Wildcat Gun Machine has been announced for all of them, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and of course, PC. With a window of late 2021 planned for, we won’t have too long to wait either until cats and bullets merge into the almighty Wildcat Gun Machine. Stick a comment down below if you’re excited for this one!

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