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When Outward released in 2019, players fast discovered that no remarkable journey would be possible without throwing in great effort. But that effort was certainly worth forcing through and even though the poor visuals and dated combat knocked things down a notch, the action adventure RPG was worth playing. At all times though Deep Silver had expansion thoughts in mind and following on from a previous enhancement in the form of The Soroboreans we now get the chance to head back to Outward to discover what The Three Brothers has in store. 

First revealed for a December 2020 release, The Three Brothers has finally made tracks in the Outward world, giving players the opportunity to play an important part in the timeline of Aurai, as they go about rebuilding an old refugee camp into a new home. 

Priced at £15.99 on Xbox, you’ll discover that The Three Brothers brings forth new weapons, new skills, new gadgets, a new mechanic and a whole new region of the Outward world to explore. 

That area is Caldera, the skills are found int he Primal Ritualist tree, the weapons are nothing but legendary Awakened weapons, whilst Greandes and Elemental Arrows accompany that. Full details of each as follows…

  • • City Building Mechanic: Rebuilding Sirocco: Create your own landmark in Aurai by helping the population to survive in this ruthless world! With the new City Building mechanic, you are part of rebuilding the Refugee Camp into New Sirocco.
  • • New Area: Caldera: Aurai is expanding and Caldera is more than just a new landscape. New dungeons, quests and locations make it a treasure trove for every adventurer!
  • • Skill Tree: The Primal Ritualist: Prepare the battlefield with your mighty totems and give yourself an advantage before the scrimmage has even started!
  • • Grenade & Elemental Arrows Enhance your combat repertoire with Grenades and Elemental Arrows. There are numerous new possibilities to be creative in your long-range fighting!
  • • Awakened Weapons: These legendary weapons are not easy to get – But the effort will pay off! Their unique attributes will give you the necessary advantage in dangerous situations!

If you have a copy of Outward to hand and wish to find reason to head back in, The Three Brothers DLC should be well worth your time. Should you not yet have the game in your digital library, then it may be worth considering a purchase of the new Outward: The Adventurer Bundle. This comes in at a price point of £53.99, but includes the standard base game, The Soroboreans DLC and this new The Three Brothers DLC. It’ll save you a little cash in the process. You should also find the content on PS4 and PC.

Should you need to know more about the game, our exclusive interview with Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, creative lead on Outward and CEO of Nine Dots Studio, will happily deliver.

Let us know if Outward is a game that is still relevant in your world. The comments are below. 

DLC Description:

You will play an important role in the timeline of Aurai: Join the rebuilding efforts of old Sirocco refugee camp by providing the pitiable folks there a new place to call home, a new Sirocco.

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