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Are you ready to be transported into the 22nd century? Livelock promises to send you there!

Xbox One, PS4 and PC owners should get excited as come Aug 2nd, Perfect World Entertainment will drop Livelock onto the world. A fast paced cooperative top-down shooter that combines intelligent action and unique characters, Livelock is set up perfectly for groups of players who want to work together.

Set in the 22nd century – the age of the machine – it is up to you to restore humanity. Clusters – groups of corrupted machines control what remains of the earth, fighting each other in an infinite war over resources that now threatens the very planet itself. As the player, you’ll take control of a Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded to large mechanical body and armed with a unique arsenal of weapons and special abilities, the must help fight the corrupted machine Clusters and break the cycle of an infinite war, before humanity is forgotten in the annals of history.

In fact, the fate of humanity rests in your hands.

If that is something which could be of interest to you, make sure you get the game downloaded when it goes live on Aug 2nd 2016. We will of course remind you when that time comes.

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