We’ve just said goodbye to another decade and believe it or not; gamers are already thinking about the various consoles and games that will hit the market in 2020. With the incredible library of games that continues to grow (along with their price ranges, of course), you might be checking out the consoles that will give you a time worthy of the money! We’ve rounded up a couple of the best consoles coming your way in 2020. So start saving those pennies! 

PlayStation 4 Pro

Why You Should Buy It: It’s the best version of the popular console. The name says it all… it’s a pro in entertainment and there’s a collection of high-quality games that’s planne for the console. 

Why Did We Choose It: The PlayStation 4’s exclusive game collection has 4K HDR 10 Compatibility! That’s right. The console is the best when it comes to plug and play gaming platforms. The device has a rivalry with the Xbox One. Both consoles work on improving their library of games, making their exclusivity attract players. But what makes PlayStation 4 Pro stand out is that it offers indie games and Japanese role-playing games that Xbox One does not! 

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What to Look Out For: Exclusive PS4 Pro games, Powerful software and operating system, optimized for PlayStation VR, HDR Support.

Xbox One X

Why You Should Buy It: Enjoy a fantastic 4K Blu-ray player and HDR that offers access to a great range of new games and high-resolution videos. Perfect for enjoying high quality graphics! 

Why Did We Choose It: Thanks to Microsoft, hardware has been taken to a new level with the Xbox One. The device offers the same 4K Blu-ray and HDR video playback that works in the enhancement of the visuals. Even if the device is not supporting VR, it still does very well to offer the immersive gameplay that players are looking for. As a matter of fact, Xbox’s impressive visuals coupled with VR would make a big impact in the gaming world! 

Microsoft has also been teaming up with first-party studios to offer the best games. They’ve recently acquired big name studios like Ninja Theory and Playground Games, both are meant to deliver exclusive games for Xbox users. 

What to Look Out For: Interesting collection of games from first party providers, 4K Blu-ray graphics, games rotation that shuffle new and old.

Nintendo Switch

Why You Should Buy It: Get it if you want a full console gaming experience but on the go! It’s as simple as that! 

Why Did We Choose It: Nintendo have really stepped up with Nintendo Switch? The device is a hybrid that allows you to plug it into a television and play like PlayStation or Xbox… and can be carried around in your pockets. 

The thing with the Nintendo Switch is that it comes with interlocking controllers that can be removed to offer two solo controllers for dual play. Just remove them at the sides and play or slot them in and go solo! Nintendo has also been spending time on their compatibility, giving you 30 fps anywhere you go. Talk about a smooth gameplay! There’s also a growing catalog of first party games… the hottest ones are Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild. Recently, Nintendo stated they will soon allow VR and are currently working on gadgets to suit the console as well. Hope they finally make it a more than 2 player game! 

What to Look Out For: Mobility, a range of fun-filled games, interlocking controllers, exclusive games for Nintendo Switch.