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Need a cheap first person action adventure? Gemini: Heroes Reborn could be the one for you.

Available right now for £11.99, Gemini: Heroes Reborn on Xbox One thrusts you into the role of Cassandra…a young lady who is on the verge of a magical adventure of discovery, special powers and mysterious events. In a world where the Xbox One digital scene is dominated by quick pick up and play titles that can get tiresome within the hour, the chance to go and get deep with an action adventure, for a relatively low price, is something that should be considered.

Will you go and check out the latest Xbox One adventure?

Game Description:

Gemini is a first person action-adventure that allows users to enter into the role of Cassandra, age 20. She is a young woman on a journey of discovery in which she will unlock incredible powers – unique in the Heroes Universe – and solve a mystery in her past. She will be reunited with her long missing family, but not in the way she ever expected.

Make your way to the Xbox One Games Store now.

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Aaron blanchard
Aaron blanchard
6 years ago

For the price it looks decent.