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Back at the start of 2019 the world of Generation Zero opened up for gamers. Delivering a hostile world full of even more hostile machinery, it went pretty much under the radar. Since that time though the team behind it have consistently pushed out content updates, via a multitude of DLC packs. Today we see another arrive – that of FNIX Rising – but it doesn’t just bring new areas to explore, but you’ll discover new collectibles, clothing and achievements thrown in for good measure. 

Available to add into your base game of Generation Zero – and if you don’t have that, you can grab it from the Xbox Store this very minute – the FNIX Rising DLC pack will set you back just £5.49. That in itself makes things pretty appealing, but when you take a look at what this pack delivers, things get even more interesting. 

So, the FNIX Rising DLC for Generation Zero sees some weird structures pop up along the Swedish coast. Created by FNIX, their purpose is unknown – but you can be sure it’ll be an idea to try and find out why they are there. And in order to do so you’re given access to all manner of new collectible items, brand new clothing types and some super cool achievements to chase. 

With melee weapons aplenty and new Apocalypse class Harvester’s to go up against, the FNIX Rising DLC for Generation Zero is sure to appeal to fans of the base game. Whether it’s enough in itself to warrant a purchase of the full game is up for debate, but as always let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

If you haven’t yet played Generation Zero on Xbox One and wish to know more about it, hit up our full review. And if you like what you see, grab yourself a copy from the Xbox Store

DLC Description:

MORE TO DISCOVER There has been more than just a change to the scenery on the Southern Coast and the Farmland regions, so as you explore make sure to keep your eyes open for new collectibles and clothing, as well as new achievements for you to unlock. ADDITIONAL GAME FEATURES MELEE WEAPONS In the thick of battle, you never want to discover that you are out of ammo. One stroke of bad luck could be what breaks your team up or leaves you dodging bullets, desperately trying to get out of a bad situation. As such, keep your eyes open around the countryside of Östertörn for brännboll bats and sledgehammers. These more rudimentary weapons are perfect for stunning an unprepared Hunter or simply smashing a lunging Tick into tiny pieces. APOCALYPSE CLASS HARVESTER It seems that FNIX has been busy building more than just structures on the Southern Coast. Sightings of Apocalypse Class Harvesters have confirmed your fears, and while they seem to primarily be focused on gathering resources around the new buildings, they have been known to tread to other parts of the mainland as well. Usually accompanied by other Apocalypse tier machines, they are formidable on their own as well, known to utilize Biological Aerosol or even Dirty Missiles if you attempt to ambush them.

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