Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is out soon…fancy checking out the pre-order bonuses and launch trailer?

Sierra, Lucid Games and Activision have announced that next weeks digital release of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will come with two bonus levels which will be available during the pre-order period. The ‘Secret Eye’ takes place in a unique triangle grid with evolving grid wall, whilst ‘Blood Count’ will be Torus-shaped.

Fans of previous Geometry Wars games will find Dimensions is an exciting new evolution of the fast-paced, frenetic gameplay that became much loved with the original game.

Features include:

  • 50 single-player levels, including Adventure and Classic Arcade modes
  • 3D grids and over 10 battle modes, including Pacifism, King and Claustrophobia
  • Four unique companion drones
  • Community and Friend Leaderboards

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will launch on PC come 25th Nov and then Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 on the 26th Nov.

We’ll let you know as soon as it is live but for now, check out the launch trailer.

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