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Get 3 packs in 1 with the Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare DLC


If we don’t watch ourselves, we won’t be able to move for zombie filled experiences. The digital stores of this world are full of numerous titles that play on the undead, with a variety of gameplay mechanics and experiences to be had. One of the more humorous titles is that of Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, a tactical survival experience that tasks you with beating back the zombies. Today, that experience becomes a little bit easier with the introduction of a paid DLC pack.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare most definitely embraces the paid content side of things. In fact, upon any playthrough you’ll find yourself being tempted to drop even more cash to allow an easier ride through the waves of zombies and other creatures that you are trying to fight off. In fact, it’s all thrust into your face a bit too much.

Should you be able to ignore the temptation though, you’ll find a fairly addictive little game that brings a smattering of fun. Yes, it’s not the best thing you’ll ever play, but for some mindless zombie bashing, it just about does the job.

But that job isn’t an easy one and that is where the latest paid DLC pack comes in. The Dead Ahead: Zombies Warfare DLC 3 Packs in 1 content does pretty much what it says on the tune – it brings in 3 of the usual packs for one price. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly 3 packs for the price of 1 (as you may be expecting) and the £10.39 requested is way too high to warrant a purchase. Especially when you take into consideration that the base game comes in at £15.99 too.

It’s hardly a saving and with this bundle dropping the Circus Pack, the Starter Pack and the SWAT Bundle together – with each delivering extra coins, units and skins – you could really expect more of a discount. But then this game isn’t shy to ask for money at every opportunity, so why stop now?

If you do want the bundle pack though, the Xbox Store will happily give up the goods. Personally, I’d have a read of our full review so you know what you’re letting yourself in to first.

DLC Description:

Starter Pack Starter Pack contains 4 Military packs, 2200 coins, Exclusive unit, Bus skin. Circus Pack Circus Pack contains 1 Exclusive units, 7 Military packs, 3200 coins, Bus skin. SWAT Bundle SWAT Bundle contains 4000 coins, 10 Military packs, 3 Exclusive units.

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