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Get Airbrushed and become a Code Monkey with the latest Rock Band 4 DLC


We’ve seen all manner of bands and tunes rock up on to Rock Band 4 over the weeks and months and today the same is true, just this time we have a decision to make – do we get Airbrushed or do we become a Code Monkey?

Of course we could do both, as they are the tunes hitting Rock Band 4 players this week, with additions from electronic chiptuners Anamanaguchi and Jonathan Coulton both present. Coming in with £1.59 price tags attached, if you’re looking to get the band back together, or just need a bit of new music in your life then you will find the following available for purchase…

  • Airbrushed – Anamanaguchi
  • Code Monkey – Jonathan Coulton

Those Rock Band 4 players on Xbox One should be found paying a little visit to the Xbox Store in order to grab their tunes, whilst the PS4 rockers out there could do a whole load worse than pay their own digital store a little visit.

With Harmonix having delivered a ton of new tracks to Rock Band 4 over the months, will you be getting involved in this latest content, or are you holding out for some hardcore guitar bashing? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the section down below.

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