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As the release date draws closer for Atomic Heart, naturally we are going to get more and more reveals. However, I don’t think no amount of reveals will help unravel what is really going on in Atomic Heart. Even now, after poring over many of the trailers and gameplay reveals, it still looks bizarre. But that all adds to the intrigue, after all.

Lets take a look at the latest trailer, just released as part of The Game Awards:

This time around we get a good look at some of the weapons you will be using, and quite how destructive they are. There are now the standard creepy robots trying to kill you, along with some choreography and explosions. Then there is a weird metallic humanoid looking thing to remind you that Atomic Heart will be unlike anything you have played before.

All this is capped off with some fantastic metal music from Mick Gordon. It seems that he has kept himself busy despite everything else going on with DOOM Eternal and his contributions there.

At launch, there will be four versions of Atomic Heart to choose from

  • The Limited Edition Bundle, exclusive to the Focus Entertainment Store, which includes the base game, a Steelbook®, a metal poster and the official artbook designed by Mundfish
  • The Standard Edition, which includes the base game
  • The Gold Edition, which includes the base game and the Atomic Pass
  • The Premium Edition, which includes the base game, the Atomic Pass, an exclusive digital artbook and extra cosmetics.

Head on over to the Xbox Store and see which version you fancy. Don’t forget though, Atomic Heart will be in Xbox Game Pass on day one, as well as PC and PlayStation. If you have forgotten when day one is, that is the 21st February 2023. Not long to go, let us know if you will be picking this one up on launch day too.

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