It’s shooter heaven for Xbox Game Pass members, with two top drawer shooters joining the scheme today. As of right now, both the post-apocalyptic open-world of RAGE and the reboot of DOOM are available in the ever-changing library for members to delve into. So get those guns blazing!

RAGE might be an Xbox 360 title, but thanks to backward compatibility it’ll be playable on Xbox One, so players who’ve never experienced what it has to offer can venture into a world of chaos, after a cataclysmic event almost destroys the planet. Once awaken from cryosleep, you’ll be left to get to grips with a world without order, before engaging in gun fights, partaking in quests and traversing across the menacing lands. Seeing as RAGE 2 is arriving next Spring, there’s no better time to get involved.

And then there’s the recent reboot of DOOM, the demon slaying action-pack shooter, for you to embrace the relentless demons coming your way in their droves. Fortunately, as the DOOM Slayer, you’ll be well-equipped with guns that are primed for obliteration during the trip through the depths of Hell. For those wanting to annihilate their pals, a host of multiplayer modes are also present to get stuck in to. It’s fast, it’s intense, it’s brutal… it’s DOOM!

These two beasty titles weren’t scheduled to be joining Xbox Game Pass, but they are a welcome surprise for sure. Wouldn’t you agree? Get in touch via the comments below or on social media and let us know what you think of the latest additions.

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