In God’s Trigger on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, you can expect to be found slaying with style – at least if you take the latest gameplay trailer as read!

Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on April 18th 2019, God’s Trigger will see you partaking in a brutal, fast-paced top down shooter, utilising supernatural powers like never before, all in order to stop the Apocalypse. And you can get a real feeling for that action by taking in the latest trailer for the game, one that shows off the creative killing in style.

God’s Trigger will see you going on the rampage as Harry, a fallen angel, or Judy, a demon, each of which come with no less than 7 special abilities. These can be upgraded, customised and combined with others too, allowing the chance to dish out death how you see fit; being able to slow down time to dodge bullets or becoming invisible will be key to survival.

This will take place across a solo campaign in which you will be able to seamlessly switch between the two characters at any moment in time, accessing all of their respective skills and powers. It promises to really come alive when you partner up with a friend in co-op though, creating even deadlier and more explosive combos, crushing enemies in no time and making the most of the 14 abilities and 36 weapons the merciless duo has at hand. 

With Harry and Judy working together the true artistry of carnage is revealed; annihilation of foes with a huge number of devilishly creative combos is par for the course, as is setting up a Wall of Fire that will imbue passing bullets with the energy of hell and have them explode on impact, or creating a Dark Vortex to suck enemies together and ripen them for melee brutality.

In the world of God’s Trigger, survival will depend on your own ability to make split-second decisions, before massacring enemies with a variety of guns, melee weapons, special abilities and environmental traps.

Sounds good eh? Have a watch of that trailer and then let us know if you’ll be spending time with God’s Trigger when it releases soon. For £11.99 from the Xbox Store, it is certainly promising.

gods trigger xbox one
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