If you’re looking for something a little different to the norm then Insane Robots brings it. A unique card-battler with a twist, this easy to pick up, but strategically deep title has plenty of draw, and should be something that those looking for a hugely impressive single player campaign will want to check out. Now though, just a few short weeks after release, the second DLC pack for the game has already arrived.

Insane Robots – Robot Pack 2 follows on from the first Robot Pack to deliver a number of new robots to the game. Available for us in both the local and online multiplayer modes, you’ll find the likes of Raakter, DUM-E, Myuuz and Trasztor arriving in game, increasing your card battling opportunities massively.

With a £2.39 price tag attached to the new content, if you have already been tempted in to a purchase of the base game, and feel the need to delve deeper into the world of the insane and grab this pack, then the Xbox Store will bring you everything you need. You should also be able to find the content available on Steam too. If you have the Deluxe Edition or Season Pass, then you’ll find the content already included.

Hope on over there and get your download moving – and make sure you check out our full review of the game too.

DLC Description:

“Unlocks robots Raakter, DUM-E, Myuuz and Trasztor for use in local and online multiplayer game modes. * Raakter – Caution! This robot is reversing. * DUM-E – Indestructible. Almost. * Myuuz – Meditative, mild-mannered and lethal * Trasztor – Something strange is leaking out – noooo!”


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