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Here we are again, slowly inching towards the holiday period, carefully making our way through a plethora of new games. But once more it’s the Xbox Games with Gold scheme that stands out, coming to the fore again as it switches tact and pushes out a couple of new freebies to all Xbox owners – and this time around there’s some glorious Resident Evil scares to enjoy.

The middle of the month is well known as a time when the free titles gifted via Xbox Games with Gold start to deliver new options, and here in October 2021, that is again the case. With the last few weeks fully focused on the free love afforded to Xbox gamers thanks to the stripping of price tags for the stunning Aaero and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, it’s now times for a couple.more to make some noise.

Those games are Hover and the old school horror classic of Resident Evil Code: Veronica X. 

We’ll take the latter first and as a native Xbox 360 title, there’s a good chance you’ll have played Veronica X already. And if you haven’t? Well, the opportunity arises right now as the standard price of £14.99 is removed for the next couple of weeks. 

It’s a game you’ll want to play too – we didn’t include it in our list of the very finest Resident Evil spin-offs for nothing you know. 

With backwards compatibility in place and a valid Xbox Live Gold membership in tow, you’d do well to get Resident Evil Code: Veronica X downloaded as a matter of urgency. And even if you’re not as sold as us, for free, you may as well take it before the month is out. Grab it from the Xbox Store right now.

Also having its price removed is Hover. This released on Xbox One in 2018, giving gamers the chance to dash, slide and bounce around town, taking in the joys of neon and enjoying a full open world playground that was ripe for exploring. We quite liked it too, talking about how it played as a homage to Jet Set Radio in our review, bigging up the main district that could be explored for hours on end. 

There were bits we didn’t like – particularly the stealth mechanics and repetition – but on the whole Hover delivered. And now here it is delivering once more, this time for free as the usual £19.99 Xbox Store price tag is removed. You’ve got the best part of 4 weeks to action this download, but we reckon you should be on it sooner rather than later. 

Of course, the usual new free titles means that something must go back up in price. Here and now, that game is Castlevania – if you haven’t downloaded that for free via October’s Games with Gold, we’re sorry to say you’ve missed the boat.

In better news, Aaero ( our standout freebie of this month) will still be free to download until the end of October.

Let us know which of the free Xbox Games with Gold titles from October you decide to play first. The comments are below.

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