Friday the 13th has got a lot to answer for. First we had confirmation that the super scary The Evil Within 2 was here, and now we’re being notified that it’s time to get stuck in an endless nightmare. Yep, Decay – The Mare is available right now.

Decay – The Mare is currently limited to the North American region of our globe, but should you reside there, then you’ll find a game that comes with just a $9.99 price tag. It tells the tale of Sam, an addict who gets dropped into the ‘Reaching Dreams’ institution in order to help him kick his out of control drug habit.

You’ll need to help Sam sort out his life by taking in the journey ahead, but as is always the case – and we guess this is what makes a game actually a game – something goes wrong from the very first night. It is from there which that endless nightmare begins!

If you have interest, then you should be giving the Microsoft Store a little look. With a cheap ish price tag, and the threat of a mind altering adventure ahead, if you want something a bit scary then Decay – The Mare may well be it.

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts – and issues!

Game Description:

Sam is an addict who ends up in an institution named “Reaching Dreams”, hoping to kick his drug problem and sort out his miserable life. But during the first night, something goes horribly wrong and he gets stuck in an endless nightmare…

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