We’ve seen it for Tachanka, Montagne, Smoke and Blitz, and now we have more of the popular Bushido content making its way to Rainbow Six Siege today – for sole use with Pulse this time out.

As with the previous Bushido content packs, the Pulse Bushido pack also contains a fresh exclusive custom skin with the Cherry Drift skin for use with the UMP45 machine gun. There is also Kabuki headgear and an Uzu charm for use with Pulse too.

Whilst the price point of £6.39 will be enough to baffle some at just what in the Bushido set commands such a high fee, those who enjoy a sense of style along with their gun toting heroics in R6: Siege may well be seeing this head up their wish list. With less than half of the current operators currently in possession of a custom Bushido armour set, we are likely to see more arriving at some point in the future.

Rainbow Six Siege and the Pulse Bushido Set along with all other previously released DLC packs for use with Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. Haven’t taken a shot at the tactical shooter yet? Take a look at our review before heading into the fight. We’ll see you out there.

DLC Description:

Pulse’s Bushido Set is now available. Unlock the exclusive Cherry Drift skin for UMP45, Kabuki Somen headgear and Uzu charm for Pulse.


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