fortnite rogue alias pack

We all know that V-Bucks make the Fortnite world go round, and today with the latest DLC pack to hit the game, those freebies are plentiful. It’s helped that the Fortnite Rogue Alias pack is jammed full with other content pieces too. 

Available to purchase and download right now, adding in to your base Fortnite game is the Rogue Alias Pack. The latest offering to come from Epic Games in order to help the Fortnite community customise and personalise their experience even more than normal, the Rogue Alias pack is one that is sure to appeal to many. 

Priced at just £3.19, the Fortnite Rogue Alias pack is not going to break the bank, but it is going to bring you the content additions you need in your Fortnite life. There’s the free V-Bucks which are included for instance, some 600 of them, whilst the Min-joon Outfit and The Alpha Cylinder Back Bling complement each other well. 

Further to that, the Fortnite Rogue Alias pack also includes a new Pickaxe – the Tactical Geoms one. 

With as much challenge as you could ever want and those 600 V-Bucks helping power your game forward, you’ll want to grab the Fortnite Rogue Alias Pack right now. It’s available from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also on all the other formats where you’ll find Fornite – PlayStation, Switch, PC and the like. 

You’ll need the base game too. But that’s free to download so there’s next to no reason why you don’t yet have that. 

Let us know if the Fortnite Rogue Alias pack is to your liking. The comments section is down below and we’re on the usual social channels too. We’d absolutely love to hear from you.

DLC Description:

Irresistible charm. Undeniable power. Go undercover with the Rogue Alias pack.

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