train sim world 2 db g6 diesel shunter

Train Sim World 2 has whisked us off to all manner of glamorous places. We’ve been to the Isle of Wight, we’ve taken in some Swiss scenery and we’ve lugged around some serious tonnage in Cane Creek. Now though that glamour is pushed up a notch, with the arrival of the Train Sim World 2 DB G6 Diesel Shunter. 

DB G6 Diesel Shunter is the latest pack to arrive for Train Sim World 2 as Dovetail Games continue to build out their simulator in more ways than we could ever have imagined. 

This one is priced at £11.99 and as the name suggests will get you to work with the arrival of the DB G6 Diesel Shunter. The yards of Hagen and Wuppertal are home to this beast of a machine; one that is capable of putting out 900 odd horsepower and moving at a speed of 80kmh. 

A tiny little machine that has more power than it really needs, these come into their own when you rquire additional motive power. This means that in Train Sim World 2, the DB G6 Diesel Shunter is available as a renter, direct from the manufacturer, useful in times when you find yourself needing to shunt stuff along the Rhein-Ruhr Osten line. 

It may not immediately have the draw that many are looking for with additional packs for Train Sim World 2, but there’s a chance that the DB G6 Diesel Shunter will really come into its own at certain points. And honestly, once you’ve used it, we reckon you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. 

Should the Train Sim World 2 base game be in your digital library – either on Xbox, PlayStation or PC – and you fancy adding the DB G6 Diesel Shunter to it, then head to your favoured digital store and pick it up. The Xbox Store is our personal preference. 

Just be aware that you will need the previous Rhein-Ruhr Osten pack in order to use this. 

DLC Description:

Ready your hard hat and get to work in the yards of Hagen and Wuppertal with TSG’s DB G6 Diesel Shunter for Train Sim World 2! First produced in 2008, the G6 is a diesel-hydraulic shunter that is diminutive in size, making it suitable for smaller freight yards with unforgiving turning radiuses, while still being capable of outputting 900 horsepower and achieving up to 80 km/h. Around 130 of the locomotives were built. They are largely owned by private companies and used on a leasing basis, sent to operators when they are in need of some additional motive power. In Train Sim World 2, TSG’s G6 Shunter is used as a DB locomotive rented directly from the manufacturer, performing complex shunting duties on the busy Rhein-Ruhr Osten route.

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