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Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus, where do you start with Slide Stars on Xbox, PS4 and Switch? It’s not the first concept that we’d have greenlit, that’s for sure. 

Take a bevvy of influencers from across social media, dip them in some Fortnite/Sims sauce, and then strap them onto a lido. Now, whisk them away to a hotel resort, push them down a series of flumes and encourage them to perform tricks, tallying up the score at the end. We suppose you could call it ‘Trials Fusion in water wings’, but that makes it sound like something we’d want to play. 

Slide Stars is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. And yes, you can play it on Xbox Series X|S too. 

It’s a bizarre oddity, to put it kindly. We’re eager to find out whether the influencers’ fanbases actually want to see the likes of Brent Rivera, Holy H and Doctor Mike gurning down a waterslide, but we suspect that this will be seen as a bit of a curveball. At least the Paul brothers are sitting this one out. 

Then there’s the curiosity of this being a full-price, full-fat game, at a hefty £35.99, and it launching on the same day as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, The Falconeer, FUSER, Tetris Effect, Yakuza: Like a Dragon and many more. It’s a bemusing pitch, and we’re eager to have our expectations bucked, but this one – surely – is going to land bottom of the pile. 

Flipping off our cynicism switch, it at least looks colourful and doesn’t look cheap – this has some high production values. If the gameplay reaches the dizzy heights of Trials, then this might be one to return to. Tagging in influencers like a ‘fellow kids’ Steve Buscemi meme doesn’t bode well, though.

Features include:

  • ★ Play as Brent Rivera, Demi Rose, Ben Azelart or one of the other international super stars!
  • ★ Slide, jump and balance to beat the most exciting and dangerous water challenges!
  • ★ Make sliding even more fun by doing it together in 2 player local co-op multiplayer!
  • ★ Unlock 20 super bizarre rides, ranging from a shark, unicorn and llama to even a mech and a dragon: each with its own pros and cons! ★ Perform crazy stunts and get some airtime to increase your score!
  • ★ Easy to pick up and play, yet exciting to master. Will you set a new record?
  • ★ Challenge yourself by completing each level in multiple ways, unlock hidden tracks and earn special medals!

Slide Stars is out now on Xbox One and will cost you an eye-watering £35.99. It’s also out on PS4 and Switch. 

Game Description:

Play with the world’s biggest stars and blast through crazy water slides! Are you ready for the world’s most extreme water slide adventure? Play as Brent Rivera, Holly H, Doctor Mike or one of the other 20 world-famous influencers and blast into an adventure of a lifetime! Choose your favorite star, jump onto the ride of your choice and race head-first down some of the most crazy water slides! Slide, jump and balance your way through insane tracks packed with race-platforming dangers and extraordinary enemies. Overcome insane challenges like rolling boulders, wobbly constructions, banana bomb throwing monkeys, and even a colossal kraken! Nothing goes too far for these stars! Will you make it to the finish line?

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