lonely mountains downhill season 14

You’d think that a game that is near on three years old, would struggle to stay fresh. But Thunderful and Megagon Industries have worked wonders with Lonely Mountains: Downhill, continuing to drag players back time and time again, utilised multiple Seasons worth of content. That’s the case again with the retro inspired Daily Rides Season 14: Blast From The Past.

Embracing the nostalgia, Season 14: Blast From The Past whisks us back in time, to a world of which fashion from a bygone age is front and centre. There are new outfits in place, more accessories than you could ever want and a paint job that will appeal massively to the 90’s kids out there.

Rolling out today for Lonely Mountains: Downhill on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, as well as playable on Steam Deck should you wish, Season 14: Blast From The Past is perfect for those disco veterans or players looking for a retro-hit, with all of the following rewards in place via Season 14’s trials:

  • Prepare to work up a sweat with the Aerobic Star outfit
  • Blast some beats with the iconic Boombox Backpack
  • Earn your stripes and get the tiger-patterned Feline Friend outfit
  • Slide into the seventies with the Disco Fever outfit
  • Get ready to bust a move with the Dancer outfit
  • Add some flair with the Colourful Scarf Backpack
  • Weave your fashion choices together with the Knitting Enthusiast outfit
  • Only 90’s kids will remember the 90’s Flair paint job

For those not in the know, the Daily Rides option is a cross-platform daily leaderboard competition in which new trails are selected randomly, complete with new obstacles and shortcuts. Each Season lasts for four weeks, offering up a new theme with unlockable cosmetic rewards for participants. You’ll obviously need the base game of Lonely Mountains: Downhill to hand first, but from there, you’re good to go.

The question is, will Season 14 and the Blast From The Past hit you with the nostalgia you want?

Let us know in the comments.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available on Xbox from the Xbox Store, on Game Pass if you wish. It’s also on PlayStation, Switch and PC.

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