super dodgeball beats xbox one

As if dodgeball wasn’t cool enough already, Super Dodgeball Beats throws in some musical rhythms for good measure, as you attempt to not just beat back your rivals with stunning moves, but also with style.

Available to purchase and download right this very second on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Super Dodgeball Beats has arrived – admittedly some weeks after it should have.

But hey, we’re not going to knock the development team at Final Boss Games nor their publishing team, PlayStack, for deciding to work on things for a few more weeks in order to provide the best dodgeballing experience possible. We just wish more would decide to hold back their game instead of pushing it out with numerous bugs and glitches in place.

Anyways, the game – Super Dodgeball Beats. What do we have? Well, the first thing that smacks you right round the chops is that stunning manga art style, and when you then get to listen in to the 18 tracks that are on board, will fast understand how this has been inspired by all things Japanese. With the likes of Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Paradise and Taiko no Tatsujin delivering the ideas behind this dodgeball experience, you’ll find that Super Dodgeball Beats brings a story centred around a rag-tag group of friends living in a world where dodgeball hysteria has hit its peak and taken over the world of mainstream sport.

It is these kids who have joined together to enter a dodgeball tournament, staking claims to be the National Major League champions – just in order to do so they’ll need to bring skills and style to the table. Whether you are taking in the single player story, or competing against a friend via couch co-op, Super Dodgeball Beats will provide the challenge needed, with opposing teams comprised of blood-thirsty vampires, electric-infused pensioners and mutated aliens.

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And it is these foes which promise to see you engaging in an energy tug of war with the opposing team, as you are left to throw out correctly-timed moves through classic rhythm gameplay. Obviously there is a little twist to that though, and the foes you come up against will be kitted out with a range powerups and super moves.

If you fancy taking your dodgeball game to the next level and reckon you have what it takes to utilise the most insane of powerups, then Super Dodgeball Beats is the game for you. Our full review will be coming along in the days ahead but in order to get yourself into the action you will just need to visit your local digital store – either the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop or good old Steam. You should find it priced at £11.99.

Let us know if you decide to show off your skills on the dodgeball court.

Game Description:

Take part in insanely cool dodgeball games played to the rhythm of 18 original music tracks. Conquer your rivals in style with perfect rhythm and sweet moves. There’s nothing else like it! MULTIPLAYER: Play against a friend via couch co-op and show off your amazing skills. Choose from 4 different teams, 8 gorgeous hand-drawn levels, and select any music track you want! Perfectly time your supercharged moves to finish off your opponents! CHAMPIONSHIP MODE: Be the galaxy’s best dodgeball team in this intense single-player mode! Your squad of 4 dodgeball students must rise through the ranks and face the weirdest foes, from the fearsome Vampire dodgeball masters to the mysterious thunder-infused ancients. Make it far enough and you’ll face even weirder and more powerful dodgeball bosses! INSANE POWERUPS: Turn the tide of battle by utilising a plethora of powerups including grenades, doughnuts, stone golems and more.


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