It may have previously launched on PS4 and PS Vita but right now it’s time for Xbox One owners to get a blast of the past – with the release of Devious Dungeon.

Available right now on Xbox One, Devious Dungeon is the latest 2D action platformer to come out of Ratalaika Games, delivering no less than 65 randomly generated levels to gamers across the globe.

Set in the Dark Ages and taking place over 5 unique worlds, Devious Dungeon sees you take control of a Knight who has been given his orders by the King of the land. And obey orders you must as you travel deep into the catacombs hidden beneath the kingdom in order to slay the most evil of beasts, eliminating any threat to the King and his land. Oh, and you might just get the chance to pick up a bit of shiny loot in the process.

But the collection of loot and slaying of monsters won’t be the only thing you need to worry about on this adventure and upgrading of your gear and levelling up your Knight skills will need to be part of the focus because without those you’ll never have what it takes to be the true champion that the King is looking for.

Features include:

  • Level randomization
  • 5 worlds
  • 65 levels
  • Slay monsters and collect loot!
  • Lots of weapons and gear
  • RPG styled upgrades
  • Boss battles
  • Mission system

If you feel like a 2D pixel art adventure is what you’re after than head on over to the Xbox Store and grab yourself a download of Devious Dungeon right now. It’s only £7.99!

Game Description:

Under orders by the King, you will assume the control of a Knight instructed to head into the catacombs beneath the Kingdom, to slay the fowl beasts and monstrosities that have invaded the murky depths. You must venture deep within the dungeons eliminating the threat! Slay monsters, collect loot, level up and upgrade your gear. Only a true champion will be victorious! Features: * Level randomization * 5 worlds * 68 levels * Slay monsters and collect loot! * Lots of weapons and gear * RPG styled upgrades * Boss Battles * Mission system * Achievements

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