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Harry Potter has done a lot of good for the public image of wizards. In the good old days, we always thought of wizards as old men, with huge grey beards that hadn’t seen a shampoo bottle, as they stumbled around dungeons holding onto huge staffs so they don’t fall over. Magic now – mostly thanks to the scar-faced bespectacled boy wonder – is very cool, with quick wand battles and interesting story arcs. The Gift of Parthax on Xbox One is hoping to go the way of our boy Harry, and wow the world with its magic battles.

The story in Gift of Parthax follows the dashing wizard, Arif, who lives in a world where being a wizard is frowned upon and outlawed. Arif, and his mate Veleus, are captured and thrown into jail. Parthax, a very evil mage, commands Veleus to fight for his life in a sort of gladiatorial arena, where he is left severely injured. It’s now up to Arif to fight in the same arena, become champion and hopefully save his friend’s life.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One for the very cheap price of £4.19, this game is basically a 2D top-down action arena experience where you’ll be found using spells and attacks through a dark or light magic style of play, killing the mass of enemies coming towards you over 25 challenges.

Features of Gift of Parthax on Xbox One include:

  • Create and combine your own spells: Discover 6 magical elements and use some of the 29 spells and 37 powerful spell-enhancing runes to create your own style of play.
  • Increase your power and knowledge: For every challenge you complete as Arif, your knowledge of magic will increase,
  • Unlock and learn powerful ancient magic: Based on the morality system’s result of your fights against bosses, you will be able to unlock either Light or Blood magic.
  • Fight in epic arena battles: Survive 5 Seasons consisting of 25 challenges with mythological and magical creatures in Atixa’s Grand Colosseum.
  • Dive into a gripping story: Interact with the colosseum’s characters and objects to discover more about the lore, find loot or learn more about magic.
  • Shape the ending of the game: Your moral choices made during boss fights will lead to one of four different storyline endings.

Gift of Parthax can be picked up on Xbox One from the Xbox Store, and it is this which will allow you the chance to play out this wizard adventure. We’ll no doubt have a full review for you very soon, so make sure you keep an eye out for it, but feel free to drop into the comments and let us know if this new wizarding tale is one you’ll be checking out.

Game Description:

Follow the story of the purple-cloaked runaway wizard, Arif, on his quest to save his friend’s life. In a world where wizardry is outlawed, the magicians, Arif and his companion Veleus, were captured by a group of agents during their escape from the Kingdom of Duredyll and thrown into the dungeons. One day, Veleus, was sentenced to fight for his life in Atixa’s Grand Colosseum, run by a powerful mage by the name ‘Parthax’. Veleus fought valiantly, but was severely injured and incapacitated following his defeat. Arif heard rumors of his condition and knew the only way to save his friend would be to surpass any opponent standing in his way of attaining the champion’s prize, his friend’s only salvation, the Gift of Parthax.


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