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Ready to immerse yourself in a wonderfully vast open world? The Last Scape is now available on Xbox One.

In place to purchase and download from the Xbox Store, The Last Scape on Xbox One will set you back just a mere £4.99. But what you’ll get in return may well be an experience far greater than anything you’ve previously taken in.

The Last Scape on Xbox One sees you visiting a glorious alpine scape, as you head out in search of true answers. Why? Well, you’ll only really discover your truest memories by taking in the relaxing gameplay within; gameplay that has been created and held together by the power of LIDAR.

The laser scan data in The Last Scape promises to deliver images that accurately replicate the real world, bringing together more than one billion 3D points to create something remarkable. And with the power of Xbox One X behind it – and the promise of Smart Delivery letting you play it on Xbox Series X further down the line – there is seeminly much to love here.

Features include:

  • – Higher resolution
  • – Double density of 3D points
  • – Higher sky cloud quality
  • – Higher draw distance

Sold? Get over to the Xbox Store right now and take in a gaming experience like no other. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of it too – the comments section is down below.

Should you wish to know more about The Last Scape on Xbox One, our full review is incoming and will happily let you in on the secrets.

Game Description:

Glide through a vast, open-world, alpine scape in the search of an answer as to why this is your only memory. For the first time ever in a game, LIDAR laser scan data is used in its raw point cloud form, rendering millions of points in real-time from a dataset of more than one billion 3D points that accurately depict the real world. Featuring Smart Delivery, get it now and play it on the next gen at no extra cost!

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