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We’ve had the chance to flip houses, turning them into homes, and we’ve even taken in the power of Unreal Engine 5 and the glorious Dreamhouse concept. For now though we’re going to have to be content with traveling the globe as a full-on House Builder. 

From building igloos in the Arctic, to log cabins in Siberia and mud huts in Africa, House Builder from PlayWay will take us on a trip around the globe, visiting multiple locales before being tasked with building homes. Whether those homes will quite be those of our dreams, is another matter. 

Priced up at £12.49 and available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, House Builder comes with a simple concept – build some houses. Job done. 

The thing is, different areas of this Earth require different techniques and whilst you may find that slapping down some mud bricks in Africa will suffice, creating an uber-modern, energy-efficient home elsewhere will be more of a task. House Builder should well walk us through all options neatly, as we get to learn a variety of construction techniques and how various materials work within the land. 

We’ll have the chance to make the most of multiple tools as well, helping improve our skills for when those house building moments really call for it. This may be no Grand Designs – The Game, but it might well be as close to it as we’re going to get for a while. 

But of course, in the virtual world anything goes, so make a mistake or change your mind and demolishing anything and everything is a cinch. 

Key game features include:

  • Build all over the world – Learn more about the architectural style of the region and let your imagination run wild!
  • Learn new technologies – With every building your skill improves and new technologies will expedite your work.
  • Demolish! – Some of the houses must be cleaned up and rebuilt from scratches. Go back in time – Travel across many periods in history and try to build all iconic designs
  • Diverse climate – scorching and freezing temperatures can be a challenge to sustain. Be aware of dangerous fauna.

We’re quite looking forward to getting hands-on with House Builder on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, if only as we’re intrigued by the different building methods promised. We’ll be sure to run the rule in full review. 

For now, you can become a proper House Builder for yourself by visiting the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Become one man construction crew and build houses like a simple African mud hut and as complex as a super modern energy saving architectural marvel. Let us take you on a trip to various spots on the globe and experience true architectural variety. You will try to build a mud hut in Africa, an igloo in the Arctic, a Canadian house, a log cabin in Siberia, traditional house made of bricks, airbricks or concrete and many, many more… Every house consists of hundreds elements you need to match according to rules of construction. See how the construction technologies differ from each other. Learn how to apply proper materials and procedures during building process. Build houses brick by brick, element after element, down from the foundations and up to the roof. Learn different structures of buildings, construction materials, their features and properties. Build simple constructions made of primitive materials, but also ultramodern buildings featuring the latest technological discoveries. Use various tools depending on the situations and requirements. Improve your skills, use better equipment to be able to build complex structures quickly and efficiently. Sometimes there is no way out. Demolish everyting on you way and start over!

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