wreckfest banger racing dlc

In Wreckfest we’ve not just had the opportunity to crash and bang our way through the usual field of opponents. Instead over the course of the last few months we’ve been able to go into battle with some Goofy Roofs, some Modified Monsters, and some Retro Rammers. Now though we find Bugbear Entertainment and THQ Nordic going back to the roots, with the introduction of the Banger Racing Car Pack.

Building on the base game, taking the fun of the multiple DLC packs, and basically just whacking out whatever madness they can think of, the development team behind Wreckfest have obviously had a huge amount of fun with the content add-ons that have occurred since the game launched on Xbox One, PS4 and PC a year or so ago.

Today though it’s all about the latest DLC pack, that of the Banger Racing Car Pack, a DLC drop that is available for purchase individually for £3.29, or as part of the Wreckfest Season Pass.

The Banger Racing Car Pack is the final piece in the first season jigsaw, providing racers with access to new and unique vehicles – the Sweeper, the Hearse, and the Stock Car. And yep, they pretty much are as their names suggest. 

  • Sweeper: This midsize racer is a perfect blend of agility, speed and toughness – a great all-rounder for every type of race.
  • Hearse: This banger racing classic excels at derbies since it can both give and take serious punishment.
  • Stock Car: A versatile little rocket that feels right at home on every oval and Figure 8 track!

The addition of these latest bangers sees the Season Pass itself finish with 20 new cars, 20 special roof decorations and additional car customisation opportunities, ensuring that those who have the base game in place will rarely find a moment to get bored.  If you haven’t yet fallen for the crazy nature of the Wreckfest DLC packs then by heading to your favoured digital store, you can set about putting that right.

Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick up the Wreckfest Banger Racing Car Pack. And don’t forget to take in the trailer below too. 

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Slim jim
Slim jim
1 year ago

Hi when you buy this game do you get the banger tracks on with it how does it work just for me son thanks