The Surge may still be a few weeks away but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited when we hear more about the hardcore action-RPG title from Deck 13. Today sees a new trailer appear, one that takes us behind the scenes to reveal just how the game’s world and environments have been made.

The trailer shows us some more of what we can expect when we finally dive into the mechanical onslaught of The Surge later this month. You will take on the role of Warren, a new employee for mega-corporation Creo whose goal is to try and solve many of the world’s biggest problems.

As Warren enters his new job for the first time, he notices things are a little strange – eager to work he carries on regardless. But after being fitted with his new industrial exoskeleton things take a turn for the worst. After a blackout, Warren wakes in a scrapyard, with no memories as to how he got there, and it doesn’t take long to see he’s not welcome. It will be up to you to help Warren survive and figure out what has happened to him whilst trying to find a way to escape.

The Surge looks set to tackle some rather big themes – environmentalism, the impact of technology on the planet, and corporatism.

Not too much has been shown from a gameplay side of things but combat has been likened to that of the popular Dark Souls series, so those keen on a fresh and challenging RPG adventure would do well to take a look.

The Surge will release on May 16th 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for the price of £49.99.

Whilst you wait, why not check out the latest trailer found below, before letting us know in the comments or via our usual social channels whether The Surge is something you’re looking forward to.


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