Sometimes beating the proverbial stuffing out of an opponent in the fighting arena isn’t satisfying enough. Well, now you can dabble in a spot of bowling in TEKKEN 7 with the first downloadable content pack and show who the boss of the bowling alley is. That’ll teach them not to mess with you.

The TEKKEN 7 DLC 1 contains the classic Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL, first seen in TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT, and additional costumes for the characters to wear. Get ready the throw some bowling balls and aim for strikes in this new bonus game. As far as the costumes are concerned, there are Blood Vengeance school uniforms for Xiaoyu and Alisa, traditional Japanese fundoshi outfits for all male fighters, swimsuits and Idol Master themed outfits for all female fighters, and vintage 1920’s bathing suits.

Those wishing to pick up the TEKKEN 7 DLC 1 Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL & Additional Costumes will have price of £11.59 to pay on the Xbox Games Store. Is the draw of bowling enough to entice you into a purchase, or maybe the shed load of costumes is what you’re after? Do let us know!

DLC Description:

The classic mini bowling game from TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT is returning back as “Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL” DLC! On top of that, more customizable costumes such as BLOOD VENGEANCE outfits, swim suits, and [email protected] costumes have been added! *Depending on the type of costume, some characters may not be able to wear them.

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