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For a zombie killing good time, there is nothing better than spending an hour or two with Rebellion’s brilliant Zombie Army 4. But whilst the base game in itself provides plenty of shooting opportunities, it’s in the DLC that this experience really comes to life. And that is no more true with the Hell Cult campaign which is found delivering it’s concluding part, alongside a whole host of brilliant downloadable content for us all to enjoy.

So, available from today is the final mission in Zombie Army 4’s Hell Cult campaign. Having previously uncovered the cultists’ plan to drill miles beneath the surface, you and your fellow Deadhunters must now fight your way through a long-forgotten city, one that is creeping with ancient, raging terror. And should you do so you’ll discover that allies fast become enemies as you discover the source of the horrifying occult power. The question is, will you make it out alive? You’ll only really find out by taking in the entirety of the Hell Cult campaign.

Deeper Than Hell becomes available as the final part of this campaign, available today on Xbox One, PS4, from the Epic Games Store and over on Google Stadia. If you decide to purchase it individually, expect to pay £5.59.

But that’s not all Rebellion have for you, and alongside a free new difficulty mode – that of BRUTAL. As you would expect to hear, in Brutal difficulty, enemies deal loads more damage and are much harder to take down. There are numerous other changes designed to push you to your limits too though; the HUD is severely limited, the dead resurrect with greater frequency, reviving your comrades will now require a medkit, and more. If you think this new difficulty mode is for you then you’ll need to complete the main campaign first; it is only then when Brutal difficulty will unlock.

And as well as that a ton of other DLC bits and bobs. These include all of the following, with the prices shown that which you’ll need to pay should you wish to pick them up from the Xbox Store:

Luger Pistol Bundle – £3.29
Shotgun Pistol Bundle – £3.29
French Resistance Fighter Character – £3.79
Paratrooper Zombie Character – £3.79
Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins – £2.49

The best way of enjoying everything that Zombie Army 4 has to hold is to grab the Season 1 Pass. It offers access to all Season 1 content including Deeper Than Hell and will set you back £29.99. It’s also available in the Zombie Army 4: Super Deluxe Edition. Now, what you waiting for? Grab a gun and get zombie hunting.

Deeper Than Hell Description:

Trapped miles beneath the Earth’s surface, fight your way through a ghastly dig site and battle ancient horrors in this brand-new campaign mission for Zombie Army 4. When the deadhunters discover an abandoned underground city, old allies become a force to be reckoned with as they uncover a source of horrifying occult power. Deeper Than Hell is the third and final mission in Hell Cult, a new hair-raising three-part Zombie Army 4: Dead War campaign! Unearth the horror of a brand-new location in this terrifying mission for 1-4 players, complete with new enemies, collectibles, achievements and more! The Führer may be gone, but the Dead War rages on!

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