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Ever wanted to take your favourite animal on a bit of an adventure – a physics-based adventure? You’ll be doing just that in the utterly nuts Animal Super Squad on Xbox One.

Animal Super Squad may initially feel like it has more than a hint of Trials about it, and you’d probably be right as you take a bunch of delightful little animals on a journey across multiple levels, harnessing the well-worked physics in place in order to help them through, but it is also much more than that.

Racing through some manic worlds full of strange items and dangers, is just the beginning for your time with Animal Super Squad and pushing through to help your little guys move from one point to another, in the fastest, most simplistic way possible may seem like the name of the game, but you’ll quickly learn that there is still a ton more to experience after that.

A developer made Adventure Mode will ensure your skills are put to the test, but the ultimate showcase of your skills will come about by venturing online, creating your own masterpieces from the hundreds of assets available or taking in the many community made creations and trying to beat them all.

With a huge variety of items available for use, it is here where Animal Super Squad on Xbox One really comes into its own, moving from a simple Trials style affair to a much more imaginative experience.

Our full review of Animal Super Squad is available for your perusal and we’re pretty sure you’ll like what you find – being tempted into a purchase of the game from the Xbox Store is very much a thing. The measly £7.99 price tag helps with that decision whilst a rather lovely piece from one of the developers working on the game should be able to swing it for you even more. It is with great pleasure that we have been able to host the piece from Steve Longhurst, Senior Programmer at DO Games, as he goes into great detail about how he has helped boost the Xbox One version of Animal Super Squad – quite literally!

Make sure you have a read of both those articles and then let us know if you decide to pick up Animal Super Squad on Xbox One.

Game Description:

Animal Super Squad is a physics-based adventure game that lets you play as your favorite animal. Speed through a world full of dangers and bananas. Create your own levels, share them with the community, or forget all that nonsense and just play other people’s stuff. A new and creative game where a big part of the gameplay is created and shared by the community, Animal Super Squad players can create their own maps, upvote the best maps, and have a chance at being featured in the Weekly Spotlight. All gameplay assets used by the developer are available in the level editor, consisting of hundreds of assets and easy-to-use scripts. However, if you just want to play other people’s maps instead of creating your own, that’s perfectly fine too, we won’t judge you, everyone’s welcome here buddy. Naturally, you can play the developer-made Adventure Mode as well, which feature a smooth learning curve in the beginning, and frustratingly impossible levels in the end. Key features Play as your favorite animal! As long as your favorite animal is either a chicken, a fish, or a sloth Choose from a variety of vehicles! Each with different controls, don’t worry, you’ll figure them out along the way Get to the other side of the level to win! You know how this works, you’ve played games before, jeez Unlock stuff! Like a useful tinfoil hat or a dead octopus on your head Don’t cake your pants! Community-driven level editor! Gives endless replayability by letting you make and share levels, and compete in making the best (or worst) level Physics-based gameplay! 100% accurate 90% of the time (to be honest, we don’t really know how physics work)

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