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There are some racers which only deal with the serious side of motorsport – think the Forza Motorsport series or DiRT Rally 2.0. But then, on the flip side, we have Wreckfest; a game that delivers nothing but fun and madness. And with the Retro Rammers DLC that has just arrived in game, those fun times fast get multiplied.

Available to purchase and add into your Wreckfest experience right this very minute is the Retro Rammers DLC. Priced up at just £3.29 and present in your favourite digital store, the Retro Rammers pack mixes up the Wreckfest landscape by dropping in three new vehicles – 3 vehicles that wouldn’t fit in any other racer.

Also available as part of the Wreckfest Season Pass, this retro’d pack brings in the Wingman from 1950s America, with its huge size obviously a bit of a draw for the derbies and figure of 8 tracks that Wreckfest deals in. Alongside that though is the simple buggy, at home on the lumps, bumps and twists of the tracks in play, and the iconic Bumper Car. Yes, you’re reading that right, the Wreckfest Retro Rammers DLC drops a fairground Bumper Car into the mix – just this one is a bit faster, and a bit harder, than standard.

This brilliant combination of new cars makes the Retro Rammers content for Wreckfest a hugely appealing proposition and should you need something to help enhance the already brilliant experience some more, should be making a purchase right now. It goes without saying that the base game of Wreckfest needs to be in place first, but with that in hand, you’re free to get rammin’!

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the Retro Rammers pack for Wreckfest, and the game itself in fact. We’d love to hear from you.

DLC Description:

Expand the World of Wreckfest with these 3 classic vehicles! Wingman: The huge American classic Tailfin car from the late 1950s is the perfect choice for derbies and figure 8 tracks! Buggy: This classic European design with a rear engine feels right at home on twisty tracks! Bumper Car: Carnage at the Carnival! The world’s fastest bumper car makes your dreams come true – Ram hard! This DLC pack is also part of the Season Pass.

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3 years ago

Having played the game, and nearly cried with laughing at being put on a lawnmower at the get go, this DLC is going to be a must for me personally. Who can truly refuse the option of a bumper car?! Ive enjoyed the game immensely so far so for me with the mix of retro tracks and newer competitive options (I remember playstation one titles in this vein!), this will expand an already great game 🙂