hunt showdown through the bone briar dlc

We could never have imagined Hunt: Showdown being enhanced and expanded upon with as much content as we’ve had since launch, but it seems like Deep Silver and Crytek have found a way to ensure that players keep coming back for more. New DLC is always a welcome one in these parts, especially when it brings forth new Hunters and Weapons like with Through the Bone Briar. 

Available to purchase and download into your Hunt: Showdown base game right now, Through the Bone Briar is the latest in a rather exciting set of DLC drops for Hunt, building out the lore and narrative behind the reasons. It’s here where we discover the chance to get lost among the bones of the bayou, as Cain arrives for new hunting opportunities. You see, he’s a guy who is ridden with horrors, but he’s also one who has made the greatest of all sacrifices, hit with primal fury that is hard to control. 

The Hunt: Showdown – Through the Bone Briar DLC gives access to Cain, alongside two of the finest pieces of weaponry you could ever imagine. By dropping the £5.79 asking price and adding this latest content piece to your game, you’ll gain access to that of Nightmare and Bone Briar – two pieces of equipment that are sure to lend more than a helping little hand. 

It goes without saying that you’ll need a copy of the Hunt: Showdown base game to hand prior to even considering a purchase of this DLC, but with that in place, you can fill your boots here with the Through the Bone Briar content.

The game and the DLC are both available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation and PC. 

And if Cain doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is a ton of other DLC for the game already available too – we’d point you to the likes of the Beast Hunter and The Prodigal Daughter content. 

Let us know what you grab. 

DLC Description:

The bones of the dead litter the bayou. It’s easy to get lost amongst them, and easier to fall prey to the lurkers who lost themselves there long ago. First amongst these lost souls is Cain, who’s said to have made the greatest sacrifice, and pays his penance with primal fury. Cain lost the man he once was long ago. But the memories of that man wait in the dark, horrors that feast on his desiccated mind at night. Cain carries Nightmare and the Bone Briar to keep him from getting lost in the labyrinth he’s built of the dead.

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