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It’s been nearly three years since we first saw theHunter Call of the Wild roll out to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, giving hunt fans the chance to experience the thrills from their own sofa. And in that time we’ve seen the game evolve tremendously, adding new features and content at an astonishing rate. Now we see even more opportunities arrive with the launch of the Silver Ridge Peaks pack. Ready to go turkey hunting?

Available to purchase and download into theHunter Call of the Wild right now, Silver Ridge Peaks takes us off to the Rocky Mountains, a land rich in multiple bounties. But putting the gold and silver to one side, it’s now all about the hunt of turkeys, goats and more, all as you take in the wonders of Colorado. 

The Silver Ridge Peaks DLC will set you back £5.59, but by dropping that cash up front you’ll find the chance to go hunting multiple animal types. The turkeys may be the star of the show, but you’ll need to be aware of many predators as you go in search – Mountain Lions, Black Bears, Mule Deer, Plains Bison and more are all present. The big question, is which will you go for first?

With stunning mountain views and 25 square miles of arena, you could well be forgiven for getting lost in the landscape that theHunter Call of the Wild Silver Ridge Peaks brings, but we’re pretty sure that the availability of a new longbow will see you setting your sights on the biggest of game. It’s helped that this comes in three flavours too – Lacquered, Rough and Ash. 

You’ll need the base game of theHunter Call of the Wild – either standard or 2019 edition form – in place prior to enjoying what the Silver Ridge Peaks brings, but from there your favourite digital store will sort you out. Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick it up. 

DLC Description:

This region of the Rocky Mountains has captivated the imagination of many, who have sought to uncover its bounties. Where once people scouted the natural trails of Silver Ridge Peaks in search of silver and gold, they now come seeking a different kind of trophy – to hunt their favourite animals. Whether you are tracking turkeys through the valley or lining up to shoot a mountain goat on a cliff above the cloudline, it’s hard to resist taking in the grandeur of the Colorado wilderness. SILVER RIDGE PEAKS’ FAUNA Silver Ridge Peaks prides itself in the range of animals available to visiting hunters. Whether you are stalking through the boundless grassy plains in pursuit of Pronghorn, keeping an eye out for stalking Mountain Lions or observing Rocky Mountain Elk traverse the dense forests, the reserve has something for every hunter. The ferocious Black Bear is a popular attraction, as are the Mule Deer, Plains Bison, Mountain Goat and Bighorn Sheep. But the real attraction is a little more feathery; hunters are known to flock to the reserve in search of Wild Turkeys. ROCKY MOUNTAIN FLORA Boasting a dramatic landscape that can easily take your breath away, the reserve takes great pride in its more elusive spots that can make visitors feel like they’re stepping back in time. From the mine and ghost town’s reminders of the past, to the cloud-piercing Red Mountains, the reserve is packed with marvels. As you roam the deep canyon or gaze upon the high altitude lakes, you can’t help but get lost in its beauty. TRADITIONAL STYLE ALEXANDER LONGBOW Through the use of contemporary bow-making techniques and flexible but sturdy materials, this Longbow is a stunning take on an ancient self bow, making it effective even for modern hunters. Compatible with the arrows used for the recurve bow as well as introducing two new types, the Alexander Longbow allows you to hunt animals of all sizes. A single stave of hickory and bowstring combine to form a silent but deadly weapon that epitomizes the resourcefulness of the peoples who used it to conquer prey. The longbow is available in three colour variations: Lacquered, Rough and Ash. MISSIONS AND MEASURES Silver Ridge Peaks spans an impressive 25 square miles (64 square kilometers), and it is up to you to decide if you wish to explore the landscape at your own discretion, or pursue the story with 15 new narrative missions. The history of Silver Ridge Peaks is as rich in legends of human endeavour and adventure as it is in studies of brutal expansion and mankind’s greed. Miners risked their lives to travel great distances during Colorado’s silver boom. Much of the landscape was blasted into its current shape, with only one consideration: the pursuit of money. The consequences of such single-minded profiteering have finally arrived, landing at the feet of the reserve’s latest warden: Allan Bradley. As he attempts to fill the shoes of his ailing father, Allan must repair the reserve’s reputation following a toxic spill from a century-old mine, and show the world that Silver Ridge Peaks is stepping forward into the future. Along with fellow hunter Remi Warren, it’s your job to show that there’s nowhere better to hunt than in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. SHARED EXPERIENCE Try out Silver Ride Peaks without owning it by simply joining a multiplayer session of another player who owns the reserve. You will have access to everything but the narrative missions.

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