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Going head-to-head with Madden NFL 20, Axis Football 2019 releases on Xbox One


Not sold on the latest Madden NFL 20 but need an American Football fix? Axis Football 2019 is available right now on Xbox One, promising immersive gameplay, a deep franchise mode, and extensive customization. Surely it must deliver?

Ready for download from the Xbox Store, Axis Football 2019 follows on from the launch of Axis Football 2018 at the end of last year, to once more bring a bit of competition to EA and their Madden series.

Priced up at £24.99 (pretty much half the price of Madden), Axis Football 2019 on Xbox One has the team behind it promising the Earth, with a ton of upgrades, improvements, features and more. And if we’re totally honest, it needs it too as last year’s effort could in no way attempt to even lace the boots of Madden, with Axis Football 2018 failing with nigh-on everything except a pretty decent, robust Franchise mode. If you don’t believe me, our full review of Axis Football 2018 on Xbox One can be found here.

But that was last year and Axis Football 2019 could well be on to a bit of a winner, with improved framerates, a smoother gameplay style, and some super deep, hugely immersive gameplay features. With new stadiums and player and coach portraits, more than 2000 different plays, 50+ formations, a deep league structure and more, the promise is a real one – we just hope it all translates into something better than what was delivered last time around.

To find out you’ll have to head on over to the Xbox Store and get yourself a download moving. Make sure you let us know if you decide to give Axis Football 2019 on Xbox One a punt.

Game Description:

Axis Football is back with loads of upgrades and improvements! New in Axis Football 2019: – Massively improved performance, framerate, and smoothness of gameplay – Complete 16-position coaching staffs, including scouts, position coaches, and coordinators – Detailed Coach Badge system – In-depth scouting system for recruiting new players – Customizable practice strategy system to help shape the development of your players – Facilities Management – Financial Reports – Team Morale – Officially licensed soundtrack – More than doubled the size of the defensive playbook – Redesigned drafting system featuring a team guide and draft summary – Ability to trade draft picks – Complete game summaries for every game played – Streamlined player contracts – Ability to spectate all playoff games – New stadiums – Pre-game coin toss – New player and coach portraits – Clock management plays (spike, kneel) Game Modes: – Player vs AI – Coach Mode – Spectator Mode – Local Player vs Player – Franchise Mode Game Features: – In-game uniform, player, and team editor – 36 Teams – Stylized playbooks, featuring 2,000+ plays and 50+ formations – Hot routes, audibles, coaching strategies, shifts and more – Aimed or traditional icon passing – Jukes, spins, dives, and loads other player moves Franchise Mode Features: – Player contracts – Trades – Injuries – Practice squads – Free agency – Retiring players – Weekly and yearly awards – Dynamic, tiered league structure with playoffs, promotions, and relegations – Unlimited seasons – 16 week seasons – Player progressions based on performance, age, potential, and playtime – End of season drafts – Season-long team stats – Individual league leader stats – Franchise stats – Depth chart control – Play, coach, spectate, or simulate matches – League and team schedule viewer – Spectate other matches

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