It seems you can’t move for someone recording video using a GoPro camera at the moment, and you’ll soon get that feeling on your Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well!

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It’s not a bad thing though. GoPro make a big deal out of capturing the world and with the Hero3+ camera, have one of the most versatile recording devices we’ve ever seen. From Felix Baumgartners incredible jump to earth from the stratosphere in 2012, to pro-snowboarders to the kid on the street corner, everyone is using a GoPro and they seem to have nailed the recording market rather successfully.

And that looks to continue as they and Microsoft have today announced that you will be able to watch the GoPro Channel on Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

The GoPro Channel app will stream GoPro video content through your Xbox console, enabling users to browse and search a variety of categories, watch individual videos or view back-to-back videos within a category. But that’s not all, as Xbox Live Gold members will also be able to purchase GoPro cameras and accessories directly through the app, seeing their order fulfilled by the Microsoft online store.

The apps will appear on Xbox 360 first, in Spring of this year, with them following on Xbox One in the summer.

Update: The Xbox 360 app goes live tomorrow (8th April 2014), still no word on an exact date for the Xbox One version.

We can’t wait, if only so we can watch Felix’s jump over and over again!



Source: Xbox News Wire




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