It may seem like an age since Final Fantasy XV released, but since it dropped at the back end of 2016, players have been eagerly anticipating a number of DLC pieces. Today sees a new piece of story driven content arrive – Episode Prompto.

As you can guess by the name, Episode Prompto follows Prompto. Playable for the first time in FFXV, you’ll get the chance to jump into the shoes of the gun wielder as he heads out on an adventure.

Expect to find snowmobiles frequenting the frosty setting, and plenty of third person shooting moments as Prompto gets busy.

If you wish to grab the latest content then the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass is your best option. Priced at £19.99, you’ll get access to this latest addition plus Episode Gladiolus and Episode Ignis along with a few other little bits and bobs. As always, if you only want to drop in on the action with this content piece, then £3.99 will sort you out for the individual download.

The Xbox Games Store will sort you out, whilst our full review of the game should must definitely be checked out.

DLC Description:

Experience an all-new episode where you play as Prompto.

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