Everyone loves a festive freebie and that’s exactly what’s arrived as an early Christmas gift for the players of rhythmic RPG, The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor. Want to know more about it?

Well, the free downloadable content, Deck the Dubstep, brings a single song to feast on this Christmas and it’s not like the others. The developers have experimented with “Deck the Dubstep” by Andross and have ensured that it feels new, with a few quirks to help freshen up your festive sessions. Sadly, there’s no arena challenge to tackle, nor is there any gear to unlock, but it is still playable in the FreePlay and Story modes, so that’s something.

All you need to do to add Deck the Dubstep to your experience in The Metronomicon is head on over to the Microsoft Store hastily and pick it up for free. There’s no harm in a freebie is there?

If you aren’t familiar with the game itself, feel free to check out our review of it before hand to enlighten yourself.

DLC Description:

Santa came early, and left Free DLC under the tree for you! This Christmas DLC is a single-song pack. It doesn’t have an arena challenge, and there isn’t any gear to unlock… But, it does have… some experiments. Some… oddities. It’s… let’s say, New. Playable in Freeplay Mode and Story Modes, here comes “Deck The Dubstep”, by Andross! Getcho festive hat on!!!

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