In Just Sing, you just sing, unless of course you run out of tunes to sing along to…in which case you’ll probably be interested in the Just Sing – Specials Offers…you know, so you can just sing!

Available to purchase right now, the Special Offers grants wannabe sing stars access to nothing less than a 5-song pack, a 15-song pack and the big 35-song pack, all selectable by artist, genre, decade and a little bit more. If you’re finding your Just Sing experience somewhat lacking, then this Special Offers purchase should see you right…especially seeing as Ubisoft have promised the addition of a ton of new packs, which you’ll need these coloured tickets to buy.

If you think the £24.99 asking price is a little on the hefty side, then the Green, Blue and Purple tickets should sort you out. For £3.99, £7.99 and £15.99 respectively, it may be worth dipping in with one of those first. Whichever you decide, the Xbox Games Store will sort you out.

Should you still not be sold, then why don’t you keep an eye out for our full review of Just Sing on Xbox One. It’s coming real soon!

Game Description:

Buy this special offer and get access to a 5-song pack, a 15-song pack, and a 35-song pack of your choice. More packs will be added every month –select packs by artist, genre, decade and more. Song credits available in game. Music downloads not rated by the PEGI

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