crazy sports bundle

There are times when you just have to stop worrying about hitting every apex in Forza and need to chill over your K/D ratio in Call of Duty. The Crazy Sports Bundle promises to give you the fun time you are after!

Available now on Xbox One for just £5.99, the Crazy Sports Bundle puts both Super Party Sports: Football and Dynamite Fishing – World Games together for your enjoyment. Whilst neither game will blow you away, if you are after something which will allow you to de-stress from the crazy real world affairs that threaten to bring you down, then they will most definitely be worth checking out.

You can check out our reviews of both Super Party Sports: Football and Dynamite Fishing – World Games on the links right here.

Bundle Description:

‘Super Party Sports: Football’ is a physics puzzle game full of action and fun. Solve tricky riddles, fight against different types of enemies and score a goal. Take the challenge with players from different leagues and FCs. Choose your favorite 11 to play your own cup finals. ‘Dynamite Fishing – World Games’: Join the fun in this wild fishing action and rush across the seven seas. Fly fishing is boring! Grab your guns and explosives and let’s catch some fish REDNECK STYLE! Forget about idyllic ponds, or beautiful coral reefs. Dynamite Fishing – World Games will ship you to the best fishing spots all over the globe including an awesome jungle adventure! Choose your favorite characters and boats, explore the most daring scenarios and catch as many fish as you can.

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