If you give Jason Voorhees a machete then guessing the outcome is going to be pretty simple – but that’s exactly what is happening today with the latest downloadable content addition for Friday the 13th: The Game.

Available to purchase and download right now is the Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack; can you guess what it does? Yep, that’s right, this latest addition to the Friday the 13th world gives Jason three new kill types – Mother’s Favorite, Candy Dispenser and Fish Gut. They sound so delightful do they not?

These new grab kills are available exclusively to those who purchase the Machete Kill Pack, no doubt giving you one up on the opposition and allowing you to go to bed at night with even more nightmares. If you wish to be seen pulling them off, then you should be heading to the Microsoft Store and splashing the £2.39 required.

If you wish to know more about the game, then make sure you check out our full review. Bear in mind though, Friday the 13th: The Game had a bit of a rocky start, but patches and fixes look to have stabilised matters somewhat.

DLC Description:

Experience three all new grab kills for Part 7 Jason Voorhees with his Machete. Kills included are the ‘Mother’s Favorite,’ ‘Candy Dispenser,’ and ‘Fish Gut!’ These kills are exclusive to Jason Part 7.

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5 years ago

Amazing how these shittards have the balls to actually put out paid DLC when the game isn’t even finished or fixed yet, clearly they went to the same game design school as the Ark developers….There shouldn’t be not one scrap of paid DLC for this shit until its finished and fixed doesn’t matter how cheap it is.