PGATOUR2K21 Halloween DLC 7

Golf. A sometimes staid and serious sport that refuses to ever let the fun out. And when 2K dropped PGA Tour 2K21 to console and PC earlier in the year, that serious side came to the fore. Now though Halloween is just around the corner and it is with that where the funky fun side comes out, with a host of new gear becoming available. Pumpkin head, anyone?

PGA Tour 2K21 is, without doubt, one of the most immersive, best playing golf titles for years. Complete with superb visuals, great commentary, tons of courses and both a hugely deep career mode and plenty to get on with online, there is little it doesn’t provide. However, it has to be said that PGA Tour 2K21 sometimes forgets that games should be fun. Or at least it did until now, with the arrival of multiple new gear pieces that focus on the freaky world of Halloween. 

Available to purchase in-game right now are a number of new customisation items, all working around the Halloween theme. That means if you want to kit your golfer out in a stupid pumpkin helmet, you can, if you prefer to rock some over-sized caps, you’re sorted, and if you wish to rock up to the first tee in some shutter shades, the opportunity exists. 

Throw in some weird sticks too, like putters that are shaped as a banana, taco, hot dog or fish and you’ve got a good few new items to enjoy. And yep, that previously serious mindset that PGA Tour 2K21 runs with, has been utterly thrown out of the window. 

You can find all the new Halloween gear available from your in-game store right now. Just fire up PGA Tour 2K21 on your console of choice, head to the store, and kit your golfer out as you see fit. Let us know about your choice of threads by posting in the comments below. If none of these suit, the previous kit drop may be more preferable.

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