It may have one of the longest, and strangest, titles in recent gaming history, but today TorqueL – Physics Modified Edition is available on Xbox One.

Priced at £7.99 (although if you’re quick you may just see a small discount bring that down to £6.39), TorqueL seems like it is going to be a pretty unique experience. 50 chambers of puzzle filled fun await as TorqueL sees you spinning, rolling and stretching a box across multiple obstacles – and we’re not sure we’ve ever had the pleasure of doing that before.

Background music that plays in accordance to your movements just ensures that TorqueL plays on the different a little bit more.

If you have interest – and if you’re anything like us, the unique draw of TorqueL is a more than exciting proposition – then get yourself over to the Microsoft Store now.

Game Description:

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- modified the physical behavior to meet the technical requirements of the updated development environment giving you the same experience as the original “TorqueL”. TorqueL is a unique 2D spinning action game where you try to reach the goal by rolling and stretching a box which contains your character. In order to get over obstacles that you normally can’t just by rolling and stretching the box, you have to roll while extending the box to jump and fly across these obstacles. This provides a new kind of challenge as you need to carefully control the box making the physique and torque interesting elements of the game. Reach the goal to move on to the next stage (chamber). There are chambers with a number of goals to choose from. There are seven routes that branches out depending on which goal you choose. There is also one secret route you can enter when you meet a specific requirement. Reach the colored goal at the end of each route to finish the route. There are 50 total chambers with seven basic routes and one secret route. You can also enjoy the background music composed by Denji Sano (a.k.a. Sanodg), a well-known music composer, which uniquely plays along with the movement of the box.

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