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Should you ever stumble through the delights of the Steam store for PC, you’d see that it is chock-full with some rather intriguing gaming experiences. One of those is that of Last Oasis, a game that the donkey Crew team behind it have continued to push through Early Access. Now though, just as Season 3 of Last Oasis kicks off, the game is welcoming in a whole new set of players – Xbox players!

Available today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, running full cross-platform playability with those on PC, Last Oasis is a nomadic survival MMO in which you get to explore, scavenge and gather up resources, before spending them in the creation of the finest walking mobile bases. 

Running as part of the Xbox Game Preview scheme, Last Oasis comes to Xbox to allow a whole new range of players the chance to experience what Donkey Crew have created. The basic premise focuses on a world some thousands of years in the future, on a post-apocalyptic Earth. It is here where Last Oasis sees players take on the role of nomadic survivors, forced to outrun the scorching sun after a cataclysmic event has halted the planet’s rotation. Nomads must traverse the massive open world on wooden wind-powered land ships known as Walkers, which can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, and combat – and after taking in a recent developmental presentation, believe us when we say the combat opportunities are vast, with bombs, loads of bombs.

The remnants of humanity survive only by sending unwilling nomads into the passing oases to face warring clans and gather the necessary resources to keep moving. Not many return alive. You know, because of bombs. 

In order to welcome in Xbox players, there are some big changes occurring in Last Oasis. Firstly, Season 3 kicks off, and this sees a data wipe across the previous moments of the game, ensuring that everyone is on an equal footing. Further to that though and Donkey Crew have split the game into smaller realms, to allow for faster gameplay and the chance for Xbox and PC players to stay separate should they so wish. Of course, with a full UI overhaul, including focus on both Mouse & Keyboard and Gamepad, no matter what format you play on, you should still be able to pull off the same moves as everyone else. And yes, that means the grappling will be a cinch no matter your choice of format. 

“With the Xbox launch and the start of the season 3, instead of a single realm accommodating all players from every region, the world will be split into a multitude of realms, each with its own region, size, and a clan cap.” says Donkey Crew’s Creative Director and Last Oasis Project Lead, Florian Hoffreither. “Now, everyone has a choice of how they want to play and, more importantly, with whom.”

Further to this though, Season 3 also introduces the likes of Sky Walkers (yep, they do as you would expect), a new map, Giant Worms (yeah, they do what you think too!) and Asteroids.

Details of each as follows:

  • Sky Walkers – Powered by an intricate flapping wing machinery, flying Sky Walkers allow players to harness the wind to take the wooden machines to new heights. With a realistic flying model and all the possibilities of the iconic Walkers, they bring the Nomadic experience to a whole new level. 
  • New Map – Kali Spires oasis features a whole city in the sky available for exploration. Reachable by Nomads only on flying Skywalkers, it offers unimaginable treasures, but poses a significant threat to anyone who dares venture forth. New enemies to fight, settlements to raid, resources to harvest, and much more. 
  • Giant Worm – Experience the giant worms for the first time in Last Oasis. Dubbed “The Long Ones”, these roaming creatures are the biggest threats nomads will face. The worms are ravenous. Once the beast focuses on a walker, it loses sight of everything else. In order to defeat the worm, experienced nomadic hunters must band together. 
  • Asteroids – As the moon continues to crumble, more asteroids continue to fall from the sky. Now not only in barren deserts, but in livable oases, these giant fiery rocks hold great treasures for those who get to mine them first. Will you fight your fellow nomads for the riches of the moon?

We’ll be getting hands on with Last Oasis through Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S very shortly and will be sure to drop you some thoughts as and when we can. For now though, get over to the Xbox Store and pick up your download for the game. Remember, it’s on PC va Steam too. 

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