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GravaStar Sirius P5 Earbuds Review


This time last year we’d never heard of GravaStar. That changed as the audio maker got in touch to see if we fancied spending a bit of time with their brilliantly quirky Mars Pro Speaker. We jumped at the chance and our lives changed from that moment forth. 

From there the Venus speaker passed through our hands, and the Sirius Pro Earbuds. And now it’s the turn of the Sirius P5 earbuds with their fancy interchangeable cases. 

Much like how we found new joy in our gaming audio through the Mars Pro, and how the Venus and Sirius Pro let us enjoy the power of Game Pass gaming on the go, the GravaStar Sirius P5 earbuds absolutely deserve a recommendation. But it’s not just because they bring the opportunity for the user to switch up their case type in a matter of seconds. Yes, that may be the headline feature, but it’s not the only reason you should be buying these.

See, should you be serious about gaming on your mobile, perhaps making the most of Game Pass titles that are powered by the Cloud, then in our opinion there are a few things you’ll need. 

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The first is a mobile device and even though you could just work things through your laptop, for us it’s the opportunity to play Xbox titles on a mobile that still amazes. 

From there, some kind of controller is usually needed. Of course, with many Game Pass titles utilising touch controls, that’s not an absolute necessity, but frankly, touch controls suck. You’re much better off with something like Razer’s Kishi, Gamevice’s Flex or Turtle Beach’s Atom. Dropping your phone into one of those devices makes the whole mobile gaming scene a ton easier. 

But then you also need some kind of headset or earbuds. Although we say you need, whilst not totally essential, you’d have to be some kind of arse to game on the go without keeping the audio produced to yourself. For us, it’s the compact, pocketable nature of buds that come to the fore and we’ve had some great fun using GravaStar’s Sirius Pro and EPOS’ GTW-270 Hybrid buds for on-the-go sessions. 

Now though there’s a new GravaStar product in town. And for us, the Sirius P5 earbuds are one of the most intriguing options yet. There are multiple reasons for that too. 

They feel great for starters and fit our ears near on perfectly. Slightly oval in style with a long tail that hangs in front of the ear, grabbing these from their case and plugging them into your ears is a cinch. We’ve worn them for hours at a time too, with little to no form of discomfort coming to the fore. It helps that they absolutely stay put once in place and without the need for messing around with various bud tips or the like, we just find that the Sirius P5’s work without any fuss. 

Of course, earbuds are mostly dictated by the sound they provide and these are astonishing. Don’t get us wrong, they aren’t on a level of something like the Audeze Euclid buds, but then, well, they don’t cost anywhere near upwards of a grand. What they do do, they do well and we’ve been using these for a good few weeks, taking in multiple on-the-go Game Pass sessions, playing a range of games in the process. We’ve not got a bad word to say about how the Sirius P5 buds are able to handle the audio that has been thrown their way, encasing us in our own little world as the rest of society gets on with it. 

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There’s an equal love-in going on with standard audio tracks too and we’ve hardly missed our usual buds as these have taken hold. It’s nice that you can power up the volume without worry too, with not a hint of distortion or audio crumble ruining things. There’s a decent range of sound too: nice highs, deep lows and everything you could want in between.

Charge has been more than acceptable in length too and whilst we’ve not stuck a stopwatch on, GravaStar mentions an eight hour playback length, upped by another thirty-two when you combine with a fully charged case. That seems about right to us, with more power delivered via the integrated USB-C port. A quick blast of power seems to keep these going for a good few hours at a time. 

From there, the Sirius P5 has all the features you’ve come to know and love about modern earbuds, with Bluetooth 5.2 and IPX4 water resistance caked in. Touch controls let you amend the volume on the fly, skipping tracks, taking calls and wotnot. Those controls aren’t particularly relevant when gaming and it’s certainly easier to just power volume levels up and down via your phone controls, but should you wish to use the buds you can. 

The only real issue with the touch controls is the triple tap needed for activation of your Assistant or as you look to move from Music Mode to Gaming Mode and back. We’d say that this triple press of the multi-function button on the side of both the left and right buds is hit or miss at best, struggling to notice the three taps and instead pausing tracks and skipping on. Perhaps a tap and hold for a few seconds would be a better option to have. 

gravastar sirius p5 review 2

ENC is in house too and we’ve found that having the P5s attached has allowed us to really zone out of the real world. That’s not always for the best, but when you want to really isolate yourself away from the hustle and bustle, that ENC allows for it.  

But for all the good feels and audio vibes, the Sirius P5 buds wouldn’t be a GravaStar product without a bit of a twist thrown in. After-all, the Mars Pro and Venus speakers are up there amongst the quirkiest speakers of the year, and it’s good to see that GravaStar have included some serious fun into the P5s too. In fact, fun in three ways. 

Included in the Sirius P5 Combo pack are no less than three different cases, all pretty unique and able to ensure that no matter what your jam for the day, GravaStar have got your back. 

There’s the Defense Mecha Series case, or, what we prefer to call the Mass Effect N7 case. This is a mechanical looking piece of kit, white, black and well detailed with a ton of sci-fi text. Being cool and playing it is GravaStar’s motto here and it is imbued into the Defense Mecha case neatly. 

Then there’s the Defense Crystal Series case, a transparent blue-hued offering that is adorned with Sirius P5 logo-ing. It reminds very much of the old crystal Xbox 360 we had back in the day, and for that reason alone is a daily fav. 

Finally GravaStar have also included their Defense Armour Series case. A minimalist, steel grey, skeleton of a case, we’d go as far to say that this is our personal favourite of the three on offer. It’s certainly the most pocketable and the one that allows you to take those P5s on the go with ease. It feels really neat too, very much in line with the case that the GravaStar Pros sit in.

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Switching cases is a cinch. As standard, the Sirius P5 buds come in a small little inner holder, magnetically attaching with ease. That itself is dropped into the fancier outer cases without fuss nor bother. A simple single screw holds things in place, while cutouts ensure that charging via USB-C is never a hassle and the glow of LEDs make everything look even more fancy. Changing cases, moving from the Armour to Crystal and over to the Mecha can be actioned in half a minute or less. 

It’s obviously the triple case threat that is going to be the big talking point for owners of GravaStar’s Sirius P5 earbuds. But whilst that will take the headlines, if truth be told, the P5 should be seen as a serious set of buds nonetheless. The fit and feel of these when in ear is high, whilst the quality of sound and level of noise cancellation is great. If you’re looking for a set of buds that can bring fun to your mobile gaming sessions, you’d do well to hunt down GravaStar and plead for them to take your cash in exchange for a P5 Combo set.

To seal the deal, they’ll chuck in a necklace chain that you can attach to the cases as well. You too can then be cool and play it. 

Huge thanks go out to GravaStar for providing us with the Sirius P5 earbuds for review. Hit up GravaStar direct to buy some for yourself. You’ll be needing to fork out around $140 for the Combo pack, whilst the individual cases come in from around $70 and upwards.

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