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If you’re looking for a highly accurate medieval cemetery management sim, Graveyard Keeper is not it. In fact, when this came to Xbox way back in 2018, it was all about the inaccuracies that made it an exciting prospect. Even now though this is a game that is still relevant with the tinyBuild team continuing to push out new content every now and then. That’s the case today with the launch of the Game of Crone expansion and Ultimate Collector’s Edition. 

Should you be looking to build and manage your very own graveyard, Graveyard Keeper is the game for you. It allows you to work your own route to becoming the very finest graveyard keeping champion, taking the decisions you need to ensure that the dead get to have a proper burial. But it’s more than that too and with a whole host of gameplay mechanics in play, this fun, slightly weird, highly inaccurate sim is well worthy of your time. 

It’s even more interesting now though with the arrival of the Game of Crone DLC. This follows on from the likes of the Breaking Bad DLC and that of Stranger Sins to throw out an additional 6-12 hours of brand new gameplay. it focuses on refugee camps, hunting down vampires, unraveling secrets and becoming the ally of Comrade Donkey as you take part in the Revolution. 

New gameplay mechanics are in place, as are additinoal features, with all of the following included in the Game of Crone exapnsion…

  • 6-12 hours of new gameplay!
  • Build your own refugee camp and bring it to prosperity.
  • Brand new bag mechanics!
  • Get access to new dishes, gravestones, fences, & teleportation scrolls.
  • Hunt down a vampire terrorizing The Town.
  • Unravel the secret behind the mysterious death of your predecessor.
  • Learn the dark secrets of your friends, both new and old.
  • Become the ally of Comrade Donkey and take part in the Revolution!

If you’re a veteran Graveyard Keeper then the Game of Crone DLC is available as a standalone DLC drop costing just £8.39, however for those folk who haven’t yet spent time digging the grave and haven’t yet got it made then the Graveyard Keeper Ultimate Collector’s Edition is probably a better call. this will set you back £33.49 but it will give full access to the base game and all three DLC drops too. You’ll find it all available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Let us know if Graveyard Keeper is one for you. The comments are below. 

DLC Description:

You’ll have to help the escaped prisoners of the Inquisition survive in the wilderness by providing them with everything they need. To develop their camp to a fortified settlement while keeping in mind its benefits. To protect those who entrusted you with their lives, from the sword and fire. And also – to untangle the circumstances of the cruel game, which turned into the Great Blast and the return of the Ancient Curse.

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