Etherborn indie development fund

Altered Matter, the developers behind the rather elegant puzzle-platformer Etherborn, have teamed up with FoxNext Games, a division of 20th Century Fox, to announce the indie development fund. And to kick-start proceedings, Etherborn has become the very first game to be signed up to this new indie fund portfolio.

The environmental puzzle platformer will have you exploring and getting to grips with gravity-shifting structures across dream-like, Escher-inspired levels. Playing as a voiceless being in a mysterious world, you must embark upon a journey to find its own conscience. Traversal within this world sees you anchored to any surface you touch and, as such, moving throughout the environment becomes a puzzle in itself – each level feels like some sort of Rubik’s Cube that must be manipulated before you can advance.

Etherborn has already garnered multiple awards for its creative level design, unique visual aesthetics, and mind-bending gameplay, so it’s no shock that FoxNext Games have decided that a partnership with Altered Matter could be a good fit. After all, the indie development fund is aimed at those creators who take creative risks.

“As passionate creators of games, we’ve been searching for like-minded developers focused on innovation, experimentation and a certain amount of creative risk,” said TQ Jefferson, Vice President, External Development, FoxNext Games. “We’re looking to partner with inspiring game makers, providing the support they need to develop the best version of their games and ultimately connect with the widest audience possible.”

Currently, Etherborn is set to release in Spring 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, but we’ll keep you updated on news of a concrete launch date. That’s not all though as there’s also a brand new trailer for your perusal, one that features footage that’s not been seen before. So be sure to have a watch of the trailer below and have a read of our hands-on with it, before letting us know what you think…

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