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Great Xbox Online Games


The holidays are all about togetherness and having fun with your friends and family. For that to happen, you need an activity that brings you together and there’s no better way to spend your time than playing casinoaus online games or entertaining co-op games on your Xbox. Here are great Xbox games you can play with friends online for some light fun.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Published by Rockstar Games, GTA online is one of the greatest online multiplayer games that you can play on your Xbox. The game lets you create a custom character and complete various missions while getting across different things in San Andreas.

While you’re free to have fun on your own, the game comes with dedicated missions and a storyline that gives you insights into events before GTA 5. These events are designed to give you fun cooperatively with your friends, with the game supporting up to 8 online players.

Whether you want to carry out tricky and elaborate heists with your friends or stir up some kind of trouble, GTA online offers an expansive cooperative experience. The game is available for free when you purchase GTA 5, available through the Xbox Game Pass.

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 is among the greatest games you can play today. Unfortunately, its multiplayer version, Red Dead Online, hasn’t captured a similar audience base as its GTA 5 equivalent (GTA Online). Nonetheless, it still offers lots of fun, with everything available in the expansive single-player title.

With Red Dead Online, you can do activities like holding up stagecoaches, hunting, and getting a shave at the saloon. This multiplayer version also adds other unique activities in its fully-fledged story, including races, pop-up events, and team-based competitions.

Destiny 2

Created as a live service title with a vibrant community, Destiny 2 is a 6-player online multiplayer game. The game comes as Bungie’s much-improved sequel, with a huge amount of content tailored towards online co-op gameplay with friends.

Teaming up your friends in Destiny 2 makes later challenges more doable and more fun. The game also consistently receives updates with new content, despite being a few years old. Already, the game has numerous meaty expansions and more will keep coming in the next few years. Even better, a huge portion of Destiny 2 is free to play and players with a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass can access all expansion content.

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection

Diablo 3 is among the best modern action-RPG games that have been around for a few years. While the title was originally considered a PC game, Diablo 3 works incredibly well with a controller to give you a different and more active feel while dodging and mowing down demons.

When playing Diablo 3 with a controller, it offers a range of class-specific abilities that give you an excellent co-op experience with your trio of teammates. The whole game including its vast endgame content is great for cooperative play, making it a must-play for players looking for a constantly engaging action-RPG title.


Minecraft is a ubiquitous game at this point. The classic online multiplayer game involves building and playing in your world, using 32 blocks. This game lets you showcase your creative skills in building different structures and you can invite up to 8 other players to your server to join in the multiplayer fun.

According to Minecraft’s creator (Mojang Studios), Minecraft boasts over 140 million active players every month and it was also YouTube’s most-watched topic in 2020 with over 200 billion views. You can play Minecraft today with a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Master

Monster Hunter World was Capcom’s breakthrough title made in Japan, but with a dedicated fanbase in the US. However, the game changed that route and ranked among the most popular titles in 2018.

This game follows the basic formula used by all the titles in this series, where you take the character of a hunter looking to track and hunt challenging monsters. The game brings you more detailed monster animations and graphics paired with seamless environments.

Monster Hunter’s combat system is quite rigorous, forcing the players to know their abilities and their prey. Its massive Icebourne expansion also adds a lengthy campaign and lots of endgame content.

Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves makes your dream of being a pirate come true together with your friends. As pirates, you sail the high seas looking for treasure, meaning you adventure in the murky waters without knowing which group is trying to steal your loot.

While the game has a relatively humorous theme and cartoonish characters, it offers a deeply engrossing experience packed with a plethora of activities. This game has made significant strides since its launch in 2018 and now it’s packed with exciting activities and missions for players to complete.

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