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We’re already expecting Codemasters to be bringing a top notch multiplayer experience to GRID: Autosport and today they have gone into more details as to what you can expect to find when the game releases in June.

The plan, as Codies say on their blog, is to have a large rewarding online game similar to that found in the very best online shooters with plenty of progression, upgrading and experience building. All of this will be held together but that superb Codemasters staple, RaceNet.

Each of the five racing disciplines in Autosport will have its own XP level and so if you wish to work only on one aspect of the racing, then you can. However by doing this, you’ll find yourself leveling up slower, attracting less sponsors and ultimately having less than garage space than someone who is prepared to hone their skills in multiple disciplines.

RaceNet will hold the key to all of this and fans of previous titles will be happy in the knowledge that Autosport will be seeing numerous weekly Global Challenges, one for each discipline and a wildcard for a bit of fun! For each challenge you attempt, your ranking determines the size of your payout at the end of the week, and you’ll still get bonuses for putting your friends to shame as well, with the top 1% of leaderboard rankings being extremely lucrative.

And then we get onto the online game modes. The Online Custom Cup will give you the opportunity to configure an event to your exact liking with the discipline, vehicle and race types, AI opponents and more all up for customisation. However, if that isn’t to your liking then you may find the ‘Party Mode’ your number one port of call. Bringing together ‘fun’ race modes like a demolition derby, checkpoint race or eliminator, the option is there if you want something a bit more hectic.

Finally, Codies will be implementing the usual Online Playlists so if you just want to jump in with one discipline or another, then the mode should just about cater for what you’re after.




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